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Wow. Their food sucked. Too expensive for what you get. This will be the first and last time I eat here (as well as my extended family).

(Anonymous, 573 days ago)

I am totally blown away that when our order was messed up and I called to say I would come back for a correct order I had to speak with a manager. The person who answered the phone was not even given the latitude to say that they would make it right. They wanted to know what time I bought the food excetera excetera. Either this place is so money hungry or the workers are afraid of their owner for them to behave like this with a customer on the phone. I will not be back.

(Anonymous, 814 days ago)

I was disappointed tonight when I went through the drive thru with the Bumblebee's punch cards I had saved up and Bumblebee's would not accept more than one $5 off card at a time. I had 3 of them. Unfortunately, this is it for us. We will not be back. We have been to Bumblebee's approximately 3 days a week for at least the past year in order to pick up food for our family that we believed was fast and close to our house. They know us there, however, obviously they do not value our business. To me, the customer service was lacking in that you never treat a loyal customer like that, not accepting the 3 $5.00 off cards that obviously were punched because we were loyal customers. Since the would only accept one of the $5.00 cards instead of three, our business must not be that important to them. Oh well. I guess we will find another place to get food 3 days a week. There are plenty of options in Santa Fe.

(Anonymous, 832 days ago)

This food was out of this world. In that I mean that they probably brought it in from another planet. Overpriced and no flavor.

(Anonymous, 920 days ago)

My husband and I were rushed to the hospital with food poisoning. Filing a lawsuit...

(Anonymous, 1,379 days ago)

I wouldn't feed this food to my dogs!

(Anonymous, 1,383 days ago)

The only thing that was fresh at this *** palace was the manager's mouth. He asked me on a date!

(Anonymous, 1,452 days ago)

The food was worse than the service!

(Anonymous, 1,452 days ago)

Some friends recommended this restaurant so I decided to check out the reviews. Thanks for saving me the humiliation of having my family reunion here. I get 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Anonymous, 1,598 days ago)

What about their salsa?

(Anonymous, 1,619 days ago)

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